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Ogaki, where nature and history coexist
Amazing area you can focus on study

Ogaki is located in the center of Nishimino, the western part of Gifu Prefecture, with key east-west transportation, history and culture for a very long time.
Very convenient location, within a walking distance from the center area, Ogaki Station and large commercial facilities.


  • 飛行機アイコン

    Good access from 2 international airports.

  • 城アイコン

    City with nature and history together.

  • 人々アイコン

    2nd largest population in Gifu.

  • 祭アイコン

    Festival as Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage.


School features

Mirait Japanese Academy is a Japanese language school newly opened in Ogaki, Gifu in April 2020.
We are raising a person who masters business manners and commucation skills with Japanese and will contribute the nursing care business industry.

  • 車いすを押すアイコン

    OJT at a nurcing facility

  • 手を広げて人を受け入れるイメージアイコン

    Communication experience

  • 黒板で説明をするアイコン

    Homeroom teacher system

  • 数人で面談をしているアイコン

    Regular consultation

Actively supporting career for the nursing care/rehabilitation industry

As our affiliated company runs a nursing facility, we provide more practical experiences, including practical Japanese vocabulary and situational conversation model, for students who are interested in the nursing care/rehabilitation industry to support their future career.

Students also can receive OJT of nursing care/rehabilitation at the nursing facility while interacting with users and staff using mastered Japanese words and structure, which can develop their speciality.

  • 年配の女性と若い女性が話している様子
  • 女性がリハビリをしている様子

Detailed support system for academic career

In addition to job career, we offer detailed guidance for university/college applicants, including other subjects (to study abroad and English) and study plan reporting. To realize their dreams, our homeroom teacher allows regular consultation for all students, which will improve their academic ability with the basic stable life surely.

  • 先生にパソコンを見ながら進路指導を受ける生徒の様子
  • 授業を受けている大学生の様子


Bright, clean and new school opened in April 2020.
Comfortable academic environment colors your student life.


  • How to reach us

    5-minute walking from JR Ogaki Station.
    Easy access with large commercial facilities on foot.

    From Tokyo area (time)
    2 hours and 30 minutes by the main line of JR Tokaido Shinkansen
    From Nagoya (time)
    30 minutes by JR Tokaido Shinkansen
    From Osaka (time)
    1 hour and 30 minutes by JR Tokaido Shinkansen
  • アクセスマップ

    〒503-0015 岐阜県大垣市林町8丁目1416-4

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