Student life

Every staff fully supports your anxiety for daily life in Japan.
We also introduce domitories and part-time jobs so that students can study at ease.


Mirait Japanese Academy introduces 2 contract apartments with basic furniture and equipment.


Acommodation fee

At the start of the tenancy, you shall pay application fee and room charge for 6 months.
A tenant shall pay common charge※2 once a month separately.

Room types Deposit※1 Room charge
(6 months)


100,000 yen

100,000 yen

200,000 yen


100,000 yen

112,500 yen

212,500 yen


100,000 yen

125,000 yen

225,000 yen

  • !
  • Contract period is 6 months at first, during which the payment is not refunded from cancellation. The 6-month contract indicates:

April admission

Contract between April 1 and September 30

October admission

Contract between October 1 and March 31

After the first 6-month contract (from the 7th month), a tenant shall pay room charge and common charge※2 monthly.

Room types Room charge
(1 month)


20,000 yen


22,500 yen


25,000 yen

※1 Deposit・・・・It will be refunded based on the status of the room and equipment at the final inspection.
※2 Common charge・・・・The cost for common areas, such as waste disposal and cleaning, with about 1,000 yen monthly.

Part-time job support

A part-time job is a valuable opportunity to learn Japanese conversation.
We support students for legally suitable part-time jobs that never disturb study.

  • Resume writing support

    The staff supports finding a part-time job, calling the workplace, and writing a resume.

  • Interview support

    We support adapting to Japanese life with successful interview and business manners for continuous contract.

  • Part-time job

    International students can work part-time within 28 hours weekly, the specified time that never disturbs study.

Career supportCareer support

In addition to job career, we offer detailed guidance for university/college applicants, including other subjects (to study abroad and English) and study plan reporting.

Academic career support

Academic career support

  • Homeroom teacher system

    Homeroom teacher system

    Our homeroom teacher supports each student in study, academic career, and daily life friendly.

  • Regular consultation

    Regular consultation

    We hold regular consultation with all students to ensure their academic ability and the foundation of stable life.

Guidance contents

  • Other subjects (to study abroad and English) than Japanese
  • Study plan report
  • Information sharing for academic career
  • Preparation
  • Exam preparaton

Career supportCareer support

We support students who are interested in the nursing care/rehabilitation industry for their future jobs.

Career suport system

Career suport system

  • OJT at a nurcing facility

    OJT at a nurcing facility

    Students receive OJT of nursing care/rehabilitation at the nursing facility of our affiliated company, for which we introduce practical Japanese vocabulary and situational conversation model to support their future career.

  • 定期的な学生面談

    Communication experience

    Students experience nursing care/rehabilitation at the site while interacting with users and staff using mastered Japanese words and structure, which can develop their speciality.

Guidance contents

  • Job career seminer
  • Personal consultation
  • Resume writing support
  • Advice/Instruction for interview
  • Information sharing on companies that actively recruit foreign students
  • Job fair in school
  • Gathering with graduates who work in Japanese companies

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